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The Citizen

So what is The Citizen? The Citizen is the weekly school newspaper, created by City of London School boys, for City of London School boys. This website was created, programmed and designed by Oliver Goldstein and Mahmoud Ghanem. The Citizen is our weekly school newspaper and is printed every Friday during term time. It goes home by "boy post". The Citizen is designed to be newsy and informative, it is complied by Mrs Sage, the Alumni Relations Officer and edited by Mr Fillingham, the Assistant Headmaster.

Boys contribute to The Citizen every week; with theatre reviews, concert reviews, charity notices, interviews, short stories and topical articles. Every year a deputy editor (or two) is appointed and a regular team meeting takes place on Friday at lunchtime. The deadline for copy is Monday afternoon at 4pm and submissions are usually made to: citizen@clsb.org.uk. The website allows for greater personalisation of the paper and it means that The Citizen is never out of date.