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Katsuba: My initial thoughts
A messy thought process on Katsuba. Sorry, this isn't the best article.

Problem: Connecting artists, venues and people.

1. Incentive: Artists want venues to play at and insight as to where their willing and paying fan base is.
2. Incentive: Artists want the highest possible fee they can get from the bid in a free market.


•   Artist must have a fixed minimum fee when buying and a variable bid + an outright buy value?
•   Artists can upload calendar of available slots of times to play.

1. Incentive:  Clubs want big names in their clubs for a free market price.
2. Incentive:  Clubs want to know how many people FROM THE CLUBS LOCAL AREA will see a particular act and how much money they can make.
3. Incentive: Clubs want the lowest possible fee they can get from the bid in a free market.
4. Incentive: Clubs want to see which acts are trending in their area and bid on them.
5. Incentive:  Clubs can get an idea of how much to price their tickets by getting:


•   Max venue size
•   How much people are prepared to pay.
•   Money from drinks, misc sales etc.
•   How much artist prices everything from transport to hotel etc etc. 
•   Create an e-bay style bidding system for artists that clubs from around the world can bid on.
•   Incentive: Clubs know how much money they can roughly make. 
    Take number of people want to see it DIVIDE BY THE CONVERSION RATIO which is a number that states DEMAND/EFFECTIVE DEMAND.
•   We need location of clubs and people who want to see them.

5. Incentive:  People want to have a democratic decision in where their favorite acts play and for how much they play for.
7. Incentive: See where your friends are going and what acts they want to see. Go with them?
6. Incentive:  People also want to have discounted tickets/drinks? for only liking an artist -> emails them if they “want to see” artist. Book a month earlier. 


•   Email all people who wanted to see the clubs. Giving them their unique discount codes or free drinks if they come to play.
•   When they press the “I want to see button” It says, how much would you pay to see these guys? Gives discount coupon to them.
•   People can “fan” the artists in general to give an indicator that they like them. Maybe not.

Ranking system
⇒   Requirements -> Clubs need to be given a list of genres to choose from -> dropdown.
⇒   Ranked by views on twitter/facebook/youtube. However when filtered by location it will display 
⇒   Verification that the guy who signed up is the actual artist. -> USE FACEBOOK/TWITTER/YOUTUBE. Ask them to post a comment on their page saying “Hey I signed up” Scrape the verified page.

⇒   Design style: MVP.

Protection of incentives:
⇒   HOW TO PROTECT CLUBS FROM UNVERIFIED ARTISTS Potential scammers. Advise to find their website and confirm by Skype/Email.
⇒   When artists accept, there is a window opportunity for the club to sell tickets, if the clubs costs are not covered as not enough people buy the tickets then the event can be cancelled with full refunds available.

Search Filters

⇒   People can search by artists they like. They can also search for clubs and see what clubs are near them, what acts they are hosting, they can also “vote” to see acts they like on club pages.  

⇒   Filter by verified search on artists.
⇒   Filter by  artists  that are voted for in their area.
⇒   Filter by most viewed artists in total.
⇒   Filter by popularity. Based on YouTube views.
Pages involved:

For the club: Club needs their own page where it can list people they are bidding for. It lists the date they want. ???? Should this be allowed as other clubs may see this.

⇒   People can lookup a genre that they want or top artists total or top artists in their area.
⇒   People can also look at confirmed acts coming to their area.

Social element? Should people who want to see an act have friends who also want to see an act, should they both be able to see that they both want to go? YES.